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My work

My artwork is concentrated around birds, nature, folklore, and pop culture.
Currently working on my "Migratory Birds" series

Artist statement

“The fragile beauty of this world, every its smallest detail, the tiniest butterfly deserves to be glorified by the artist's brush. Nature does not have titled animals; everything lives and develops in harmony. This is what we all need to learn.”

Commissions + Workshops

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My work

My artwork is concentrated around birds, nature, folklore, and pop culture. Emotions and feelings, mythical creatures are central to my work. In my works, I try to rethink my own place in this world and the deep relationship between humans and nature. I am mostly working with traditional media such as acrylic, oil, watercolor or ink, but I also try digital media.

Short bio

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Redilion is an artist from Ukraine born in 1991, and currently based in Germany. She embodies her fascination with natural landscapes using oil, acrylics, watercolors, and ink. While trained as an architect, Redilion studied classical drawing and composition, painting, and color theory. In 2012, she took part in her first international art experiment “La Gioconda Project”, exhibited in London.
Travels around Europe and the study of the work of the Impressionists had a huge impact on her work. She does not divide art into serious and comic; traditional landscapes and humorous cartoons coexist in her portfolio. Her other works concentrated around birds, nature, and folklore.
Currently, she is pursuing her degree in architecture and teaching Ukrainian folk arts to children and adults. In her free time, she takes trips and exercises plain air drawing.


I am interested in collaboration with young brands and designers, inspired authors, and positive people. If you have an interesting proposal or a question about my work, have an idea for a collaboration please use en e-mail widget.
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What I doWhat I don't do
Traditional or digital illustration, child book illustration.Porn, Explicit erotic, Fetish, Gore, Hentai. *
Pet portraits, (+1 pet with additional price)Hate art (racism, sexual, psychological humiliation, abuse etc.)*
Branding (stickers, backgrounds, graphics), Tattoo designsArt violating copyright of the third party
Landscape, scenery, still life, architecture.*Any other topic I am uncomfortable with.